Happy Birthday Hubby!

Today is my husbands birthday! He is 33. It is also the anniversary of the day we met 6 years ago. We were instantly inseparable, and I remember telling my mom after like 2 weeks that I was going to marry him. With every event in our lives he shows us that we are his number one priority. If you could see the way he is with our kids, you would start to understand. He is so involved in everything they do, and doesn’t want to miss a minute. He spoils me and makes our date nights a weekly occurrence, so we can have some time outside of the house without the kids. He even encourages girls nights, I mean really, he is wonderful. Hard working, compassionate, and the leader of our family – I can’t think of enough positive things to say about him!



I would love to cook him an amazing dinner and open a bottle of wine tonight, but he has class. He has gone back to school at night trying to finish his degree (just one more example). Then I offered to do it tomorrow, but he wants to go out to dinner somewhere with the kids. So since I don’t get to make him something delicious for dinner, I’m going to make him a German chocolate something for when he gets home from class. Last night his best friend was in town for meetings and he came over for dinner. We had amazing ribeye steaks, grilled corn on the cob, sliced tomato and some grilled baguette slices. It was so heavenly. So I guess that will have to count as his home cooked birthday dinner, even if he did cook it himself.


It is fall break for the rest of the week, and my boss took his family camping, so I am off until Monday! We had breakfast with Brent and Lee (his best friend) at our favorite diner and then they headed into the city for work. I took the kids to the gym and worked out a little extra after last nights dinner. For lunch we had leftover green chile stew, but this stew never tastes like a leftover. The longer it sits, the more amazing the flavors are. Brent has finally perfected this recipe, and it is the best fall/winter stew ever. He is from New Mexico, and if you’ve been there you may have heard of the Frontier restaurant or Golden Pride. Their Green Chile Stew is to die for. It is always our first stop whenever we go to Brent’s mom’s house to visit. So after some research I found a recipe that is close enough to theirs that we couldn’t tell a difference. And you can make it that way, it is so good. But we have lightened it up a little now, and I think it is just as good, plus I don’t feel bad for having a second bowl! Check the recipes page, I just posted the recipe, as well as the recipe for homemade tortillas.

I’m really going to put my crockpot to the test this season. What are your favorite things to cook in yours?


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