The Pacimal Obsession

It came in the mail today – my back up, my savior for a full night of sleep. The Pacimal. What is it? People always ask me that when they see us in the store or anywhere for that matter, and tell me what a good idea it is. I wish it was my idea, but it was not. However, I will always share the bounty of sleep and a much happier baby with anyone who wants a Pacimal.


Last Sunday we were all at Academy picking up lacrosse balls for our lab (the only lab-proof ball we have found), and as we headed to the checkout line I realized that the love of Truett’s life was not attached to his shirt. He has a white stuffed bunny with a soothie pacifier sewn to the back of its head. He loves that bunny and doesn’t go anywhere without it. So when I couldn’t find it I was in full panic mode, and I searched the store, checked customer service, and was finally resigned to leave without it and leave them my number for whenever it was found. Surely someone would not take a little baby’s pacifier. About an hour and a half later they called and I ran back over there to pick it up, as it was almost bedtime and I knew Truett would be wanting his “nee nee”.

I will tell you why I love these things so much. Hadley had a pacifier for a long time, but she was constantly waking up at night looking for it. She hated the pacifier being clipped onto her shirt, so it was always getting lost, along with the clip. And then to get her weaned off of it took forever and we finally told her the dog ate it, and that seemed reasonable to her. These pacimals help with eye-hand coordination, Truett was picking it up and putting it in his mouth much earlier than I expected. As well as other things, but I think the pacifier being so big and lightweight really helped him develop those motor skills. He is also able to find it in the middle of the night, put it in his mouth and go back to sleep without me having to get out of bed, go find it, give it to him and hope he falls back asleep instead of deciding to just wake up (I didn’t get much sleep when Hadley was little). Plus they are bigger and harder to lose. The thing I like the most, is that when we are ready to take his pacifier away, he doesn’t have to lose his lovey. We just cut the pacifier off the back and give him back the stuffed animal. That way he doesn’t lose all of his security item. Not sure when I’ll be ready to do that, but it will be sooner than later, and sooner than Hadley that’s for sure. The main difference between these and the Wubbanubs (which are adorable) is that you cannot remove the pacifier for them to keep the stuffed animal from the Wubbanubs. It’s just preference really, because they are similar in other ways.

So after I got home last Sunday from picking up our lost bunny, I ordered another one online. I have been saying I was going too for awhile, but I kept telling myself that he loves that bunny, and we would never lose it. So I ordered the cutest bear, which Brent is much happier with over a white bunny because it’s more masculine. It came in the mail yesterday afternoon and I was so excited, I gave it to Truett and it immediately went in his mouth, and then he alternated the bear and the bunny for a while. I finally took his bunny and put it in the laundry room – it needs a good cleaning.
Look at that face – cutest little man!


These were created by a mom who had the same problems we all do, and she was creative enough to think of this solution, rather than just not get any sleep. Check them out, they make great gifts, and can adapt to other pacifiers, not just the soothie.


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