The 5-years-ago Me vs. Mommy Me

So last night we went to dinner for Brent’s birthday with 2 other couples and all of our kids. Six kids total. We went to a hibachi grill which the kids loved, of course, and the food is always delicious. We started with some sushi rolls, and I made sure they were as spicy as possible in hopes that Claire would go into labor. You know how the tables at the hibachi restaurants are, where like 10 people sit at one, 10 at another and you all make a big square? Well the table across from us sat down right after we did and immediately we all looked at each other like, “that was us 5 years ago”. The girls were dressed up and had their hair fixed, make up on and heels, the guys were all in ironed shirts and they all had fancy drinks. They were talking and laughing, and they could actually hear each other. Not that I can’t hear, but when you go to a restaurant with 6 kids, you don’t get to sit next to each other, and you especially don’t get to have a conversation unless it involves “sit on your bottom, use the fork, both hands on your cup” and so on. Unless you want to talk really loudly, which is pretty much what we did.
I remember what it’s like to be able to take as long as I wanted to get ready before we went out. Trying on different outfits to see what looks best, doing fun makeup and making sure my hair looked perfect. Now I try on different things to see what at least matches and is clean, and can be washed easily since inevitably it will be covered in something by the end of the night. I fix my hair to look good enough to not be embarrassed when I leave the house, and when I put my makeup on, I have to share with Hadley. And all of that has to be done at nap time, so then I just say a prayer that I will stay clean enough in the three hours before dinner. Am I making you want to have kids yet?
Then we went to a great frozen yogurt place, with all the kids running around and filling up their cups with goodies. There was a couple there with a little boy who was probably two, and he ended up playing with all of our kids too. When we were leaving, his mom said, “He is mesmerized by all these kids!” And I said “We tried to bring as many as we could.” Then she complimented us on how well behaved they were, which I totally appreciated. 6 kids under 6 can get crazy if you let it, but I know we all try very hard to keep them to a moderate level of craziness.
In all seriousness, I don’t miss that life one bit. Maybe getting to sleep in every once and a while would be nice, but other than that I can’t think of one thing I was jealous of those other couples. Even last night, Truett had a tummy ache as far as we could tell, and it took him about 3 hours to settle and go to sleep. Which was almost midnight, so I snuggled with him in my bed and we both slept all night. It was so nice just to cuddle my little man, because I know before long, he won’t want to do that any more. Then this morning he broke a big glass jar and I spilled the coffee grounds when I missed the trash can. He screamed through breakfast when i tried to feed him oatmeal, which he threw at the wall. He ate grapes and dry cereal, which he was thrilled about because he could do it himself. All in all, it has been a little out of control, but I was never this happy waking up before I had kids. Even on their worst days, it is better than any day without them.


One thought on “The 5-years-ago Me vs. Mommy Me

  1. My sweet daughter, there will come a time when you will again act like the young couples you saw last night. You will again be able to sleep in, take forever getting ready to go out, try new makeup techniques, wear heels, etc. All the while you will be missing your children and grandchildren and wishing you were younger, sleep-deprived, covered in drool and/or spitup, trying to have an adult conversation over the noise of little ones. I promise. Love you so much, MOM ________________________________

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