A long weekend never seems long…

I think I mentioned before that I am from North Texas, and my whole family lives there. So this weekend was spent in Prosper (north of Dallas) celebrating all the October birthdays. My husband, my niece Madison (15), and Truett, who is turning 1 on Friday. My niece Gracen was also included but couldn’t make it, she will be 17 next week.

Let me just say first, that I can’t believe my nieces are 17 and 15. That to me is insane. They were just 5 and 3, playing in the play room at my parents house and trying on everything in the dress up box. Now they are in high school and have boyfriends and are driving (or about to be). It is so hard to see how fast it all goes by. A perfect example is that Truett is turning one, and I feel like he should only be a few months old. In the middle of it it seems like time is dragging, but now to be preparing for his birthday party…it’s just hard to believe its all happening.

The party on Saturday was a success, we had friends and family over to eat amazing chili and have an ice cream bar for dessert.




My sister-in-law was in charge of dessert, and she rocked the ice cream bar. Had every topping you could think of, including chunks of waffle cones. Genius. Brent made Elk Chili, which was a hit. And Mom made White Bean Chicken Chili, which is one of my favorites, as an option for anyone who isn’t a huge game meat fan. Lets just say there were almost no leftovers of either one.

My week ahead is already overwhelming and it has barely started. I’m going to need more than bottle of wine to make it through, that’s for sure. On top of work, I have to get everything together for Truett’s party on Saturday, clean the house, and help Brent write a 3-5 page paper for His mythology class. I have been doing the class for him since it’s online, and until this paper, it has been super easy to keep up with. His mom comes in on Tuesday, so I know she’ll be able to help me entertain the kids while I do all the other stuff.

I’m already looking forward to going to my brothers house in 3 weeks to relax and get some more family time in. Can’t get enough!


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