A Little More on Weight Loss

After I re-read yesterdays post I realized I didn’t say all that I had intended on saying. What I’ve found over the last decade is the cliche that everyone always tells you ‘it’s a lifestyle change’. Totally 100% correct. But you don’t have to miss out on anything!

I tried dieting without ever being totally committed, and it never worked. When I would really try, I would see results, and then get lazy I’m what I was doing and either not lose any more, or gain some back. And this isn’t counting the pregnancies. But obviously for me, weight had something to do with my fertility. I have never been on birth control, but as soon as I got under 200 lbs both times, I got pregnant immediately. Just like some people who are underweight have trouble with fertility, so can people who are overweight. Everyone loses weight differently and each body needs different things. For mine, I was eating way too many carbs so that’s what I keep in check, but my husband is much better at monitoring his calorie intake. You have to figure out what’s right for you, but there are ways to just eat better in general,

Once I really dedicated myself to becoming healthy, no matter what my weight was, it became so easy to lose weight. I know that where I was, my life expectancy was not what I wanted. My quality of life was not what I wanted. I cut out all sugar and flour. Hard at first because I definitely had cravings, but I use Splenda instead of sugar and I still eat what my family eats. For example, if I am making them spaghetti, I will make it as usual and then also cook a spaghetti squash for myself. Pour the sauce and meat over my squash – delicious. And to be totally honest, I prefer to eat sauce over veggies instead of pasta. The veggies have flavor and are so good with tomato sauce and sausage on top. Sometimes I julienne a zucchini instead of squash, or roast brocolli or cauliflower, it’s awesome.

My family also loves pizza. Like I said last week, we went to this pizza place in Dallas that is totally worth cheating for. But if we are home, I make a cauliflower crust pizza. And of course now, I prefer it. I don’t feel like I’m in a coma after eating two slices, and with my homemade pizza, I cut out 2/3 of the calories, which means I can eat half of a 9″ pizza and not feel guilty at all. Because in reality, half of a cauliflower pizza is about the same amount of carbs as one slice of cheese pizza from your favorite delivery place. Instead of a sandwich for lunch, I will put all my sandwich fixings between two halves of a bell pepper, or in a lettuce wrap. For something sweet I sometimes have an Adkins bar or shake, or strawberries, or even sugar free cheesecake pudding. There are alway substitutions you can make in your food where you don’t have to miss out. And I still have a yummy dessert if we are out somewhere, i just make changes to my diet the next day.

And like I said before, now that I’ve been eating this way, I prefer this food. When we go out to dinner or to a friends house, I try to still eat well, but sometimes I’m not able to depending on what they have. And I always feel gross the next day, bloated, my skin is more oily, I’m lethargic. And it’s not because that food was so bad for me, it is just because my body isn’t used to having it anymore, and doesn’t respond well to it. I used to live like that thinking something was wrong with me, when really, it was all in what I was eating. I’m not preaching ‘no carbs’ because you need good carbs for energy. Get them from vegetables like zucchini and tomatoes and carrots, not bread and pasta. Or have that in moderation. Measure out what an actual portion size is and you’ll be amazed.

What I’m trying to say is, eating can change your life. Eating bad can change it for the worse, or eating clean and healthy food can help you become a healthier person. And you don’t lose flavor or amount. I have lost 65 pounds just by eating better. I have only been working out in the gym for the last 2 months, and because of work I haven’t been as consistent as I want to. You can at least start your journey to getting healthy by eating better and making good decisions about your food, even if you can get to the gym yet.

Just start. Change something. No matter how slow you’re going, your already lapping everyone who’s still sitting on the couch.


One thought on “A Little More on Weight Loss

  1. Great points and I will have to google cauliflower crust pizza cause my brain cant figure it out. Also I love the spaghetti squash! I make ground buffalo meatballs over spaghetti squash with red sauce and people love it.

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