Back to Normal! And a nameless Elf…

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! We did! It was totally different than our usual holiday, but we really enjoyed it. Normally, we drive out to Albuquerque to spend Thanksgiving with Brent’s family, but this year we decided to stay at home. Due to Brent recovering and not being comfortable with being seen, as well as it being so rough traveling with a one year old for 10 hours in the car… Too old to sleep the whole way but he’s too little to understand why he is in the car for so long, it’s awful. It’s even been hard on the three hour trips to Dallas lately.

So we spent the week together, my mom came for a few days which was great, and I worked for 2 days and am finished! Claire starts back to work today and I am back at home with my babies. As I predicted, it was bittersweet to leave work again. I really do love working there, and working with your closest friends is never boring. The animals we see, the learning every day, it is the absolute best job. But I am so glad to be back home, especially since it is almost Christmas. I have so many fun things for Hadley to do! Probably the one I am most excited about is having a little Elf come live with us for the next month. This year begins Elf on the Shelf at our house!

We put our outside lights up over the weekend, I made wreaths and trees that light up, and picked out our tree yesterday. It was funny, because there were so many pretty trees! And normally we wait until the second weekend or so in December to get a tree, but we have so much going on, and now that Hadley is finally excited about Christmas, I wanted it sooner. Tonight we were talking about how we’ve never had a tree this pretty before and then realized, they are usually all picked through by the time we get there in mid December! So we got the tree up and the lights on it, but little Truett woke up from his nap with a fever, and did not want any part of being put down or any kind of distractions, so we couldn’t get the ornaments up. Brent had started chili in the crockpot yesterday morning, and it was so so good for dinner. My very favorite chili recipe is the 2 Alarm Chili Kit, and we usually leave out the Masa packet, as well as about half of the salt. And I double the tomatoes because they are delicious! Man was it good chili. So we ate and I gave the kids a bath, hoping that Truett would go to sleep and Hadley and I could decorate the tree. But because that’s what I wanted to happen, it of course, did not. They both fell asleep, and I thought about just finishing the tree with Hadley after school today, but realized this could be a perfect entry for our Elf!

We still can’t decide on a name for the little guy, but he came last night and made our tree look great!! I think tonight he might bring his letter from Santa and his book, so we can learn all about him.



Any ideas for a name?


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