A hungry elf and a First Haircut!

The other day Hadley asked me if Holly (our elf) was hungry, and if she was, what would she eat? I told her that elves try to stick to the four main food groups: candy, candy canes, candy corn, and syrup. So of course, we had to get Holly something she would enjoy at the store. The next morning…

There were candy cane crumbs all over the place, she is so messy.

Then last night I didn’t remember about Holly until about 1:30am when Truett woke up. So being more than half asleep I quickly moved her to our Moose. Not very creative, but tonight will be better!



This morning Truett’s hair would not stay out of his face, and I’ve been hearing for a month or so now that I should get it trimmed up in front. So I called and made an appointment for him, and we all went to Meg, the same girl that cut Hadley’s hair last year. Yes, a whole year ago. When we walked in, I apologized to her beforehand for bringing a 13 month old to get a haircut, as I’m sure that’s not how she wanted to start her Friday. Then she told me she loves doing little kids and babies – she must be nuts! So he sat in my lap and she trimmed it right to where I asked her too, just to his eyebrows, and even texturized it. He looks adorable, but I was so sad! It was so hard seeing that sweet brown hair fall to the floor.

Sorry for the food in his mouth, he is pretty much eating in every picture ever.

I did a little more Christmas shopping afterwards (I’m almost done!) and then we had a great lunch at Fish City Grill. Let me just say, the food there is always perfect, and the service is great. But today was above and beyond, because Truett started to get sleepy right as we sat down, so by the time the food came he was not having it. The manager came over and said that she needed to take him with her because she hadn’t gotten to hold him yet. So she walked around, greeted tables and checked on servers and introduced him to everyone. He loved it of course, and it gave us time to eat our food while it was still hot. You heard me, hot food! When she brought him back after we finished, I thanked her and she said she loved doing it. I told her we would definitely be returning, and we appreciated her helping us. As a previous bartender and server all through college and after, I know how many parents would get so frustrated when their kids would cry through the meal, or other tables would give them dirty looks. Now as a parent, I go through it myself. It was so nice to have a manager take it upon themselves to make your experience that much better. Not only will we keep going back, but I will tell all my friends with kids about how family friendly they are, on top of having great food.

Now just waiting for the kids to wake up from their naps, run a couple more errands and then home for the night to make stuffed bell peppers for dinner. Tomorrow I’m heading to Dallas for my mom’s engagement party! Excited to spend the evening with friends and family, celebrating Mom and John!

What was your hardest ‘first’ with your little one?

Would you let a staff member of your favorite restaurant walk around with your kid so you could eat?


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