Celebrating all the way to the gym!

Saturday night was my mom’s engagement party! A day we have looked forward to for a long time. She has been with her fiancé, John, for six and a half years, and they have definitely been through a lot. They are so crazy about each other, and I think our families have merged really well. Since my dad passed away almost 9 years ago, John is the only grandfather my kids have had on my side, and he treats them as if they were his own, which means more to me than anything. He is definitely the father-in-law my husband wanted too. Besides taking amazing care of my mom, of course.

I drove to Dallas on Saturday afternoon, while the kids stayed home with Brent. He wasn’t ready for everyone to see him yet, and it would have been really hard to have the kids at the party. So he stayed home and they had a great night together playing with friends. I made a ton of chili and cornbread at mom’s, and then we got dressed right before people started arriving. It was a fabulous party, everyone was so excited for them and looking forward to an even bigger party – the wedding! I didn’t get to count everyone, but I’m guessing there were about 75 people there, based on the champagne glasses we handed out for the toast. I only got a few pictures, there were so many people to talk to!

20121202-221829.jpgThis is my beautiful Mom and I!

20121202-221841.jpgThis is Cindy, John, and Mom. Cindy introduced them.

20121202-221906.jpg My brother’s Chris, his wife Brandi, and their kids Maddi and Caleb.

20121202-221850.jpg The Christmas Tree!

20121202-221912.jpg Brenna and I – almost officially sisters!

This morning we woke up and had this delicious cinnamon role bread, it was so good! But all the way home I was thinking, it’s going to take me two days at the gym to work that off!! I had loaded up on some of my mom’s Christmas decorations that she wasn’t using anymore, mostly just the stuff that was sentimental, also when I got home I unloaded it and put it all over the house. It looks great! I was very surprised to see that Brent had finished a project over the weekend that I had started. I got a little crazy organizing the play room last week since there will be a influx of toys here in a few weeks. I wanted to take the top shelf out of a little bookshelf and put in a rod to hang all of Hadley’s dress up dresses and fairy wings then leave two baskets under the bottom shelf for her shoes, tiaras, and other important princess accessories. He did it this morning and it looks so cute!! I’d like to put some cute bright printed wallpaper on the inside of this shelf so it stands out, but who are we kidding? I’m just glad the play room is clean!


After all was said and done we played outside and spent some time with some of our favorite neighbors. Have I mentioned a million times yet how much I love our cul-de-sac? Well, I do. I heated up some chili and tamales and we all chowed down while the kids played.

Today I will be hitting it very hard at the gym to make up for that cinnamon bread and all the wine and champagne I had at the party. Not just today, but until I am back on the right track. I haven’t gained any weight over the course of working or thanksgiving, I actually lost 5 pounds, but I just feel softer and blobbier because I wasn’t getting to the gym everyday like before. So I’m glad I can get back to it! Here is to and hour on the elliptical and 45 minutes in the weight room!


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