How many more days until Friday?

The main reason I’m so glad it’s Tuesday is because… It isn’t Monday anymore! Yesterday was a day I wouldn’t like to do over. It wasn’t awful, but it wasn’t great.

I got Hadley to preschool on time with a lunch packed and even remembered her bag with her folder in it. Gold star for me! Then I headed to the gym for a much needed work out and did an hour on the elliptical – 6 miles and over 600 calories burned. I headed down to the weight room for about 45 minutes and really pushed myself today. I did circuits with machines, weights, and calisthenics. I was sweating and shaking, it felt so good! I was in a great mood, so I grabbed Truett from the childcare at the gym and headed home for lunch. He fell asleep on the way, woke up when we got home and refused to go back to sleep. Awesome. We ate and played some, and after a quick shower we loaded back up to go pick Hadley up at 2:30. I needed to grab a couple of things at the store as well as pick up our Christmas cards which were ready, so I asked her if she had eaten her lunch at school, to which she answered yes. Then she asked me for the grapes in her lunchbox. Not the best at thinking before she speaks, so I unzipped it to get them, and she hadn’t even eaten her sandwich! She loves going to Walmart because she and Truett get to split a cookie if they both ate their lunch. So I told her she couldn’t have a cookie today, and she said she wanted to eat her grapes and her sandwich on the way so she could have one. Sounded like a deal so I passed her food back to her and drove on to the store. We were almost there and she said, “Mom, I finished my lunch!” I praised her and told her she could now share a cookie with Truett. We did a quick trip through the store, got them their cookie, and paid. When we got to the car, I looked on the floorboard to see Hadley’s peanut butter sandwich torn up. I was so upset! Not only did she not eat it, she lied about it!! I got them in their seats and unloaded the bags, got in and shut the door, all the while trying to figure out how to explain what a lie is and why you shouldn’t do it. I told her it made me so upset and sad, and that if she had just told me she was full, she might have gotten the cookie anyway. But now as her consequence, she would get no treats or candy for a few days, and I was going to make her tell Brent what she did.

We got home and I was pretty mad, Truett was exhausted because he never did take a nap and wouldn’t lay down, I still needed to do the dishes and get dinner going, and I was so overwhelmed I wanted to cry! Brent went back to work today, so it was really my first official day back to ‘stay-at-home-mom’. 2 months isn’t that long to be out of sync, but man, I couldn’t get it together today. Brent called and offered to pick up dinner and I told him just to come home and let me go get it, as I needed a few minutes alone. So I ran to one of our favorite places and got the food, brought it back and fed the kids and then we cleaned up the playroom. I had the black bean veggie burger and a side salad, it was so yummy. Then it was bath time and an early bedtime for both of them. They were in bed by 8 and I loved it.

So I grabbed our stockings that I needed to finish and started working on those. I realize I need to sew a few ribbons on so I’m going to try and work on that tomorrow night. Then I grabbed the Christmas cards and got all of those addressed and envelopes stuffed, ready to mail. Go me!

Then the tree fell over.

It’s like the perfect ending to the day. Ornaments shattering, the ribbon fell off, lights everywhere, water everywhere… I almost cried – again. Brent came running into the living room and we spent almost an hour trying to get the tree straight again and clean up the disaster area. Did I mention our vacuum is broken? The pine needles stabbed my arm so much while I was holding it up I look like I have a rash of some sort and it hurts. We literally picked broken ornaments and pine needles out of the carpet by hand so they wouldn’t hurt the kids feet this morning. Needless to say, I was so happy to go to bed and get the day over with, until I realized that I didn’t move Holly, the elf. So I grabbed her and put her in the playroom reading on the bookshelf. The last few days haven’t been super creative, so I apologize for that, but I’m lucky I even remember. Tonight’s will be super cute though.

What’s on for today? Another good workout, doing some Christmas shopping for Brent, and maybe a craft with Hadley if I haven’t lost my mind by the afternoon. It is Brent’s long day today, work and then class until 10:30. Ugh. Is it Friday??

How would you handle your 3 year old lying for the first time?

Have you ever had to decorate your tree twice in one year? Or had any other Christmas disasters?


2 thoughts on “How many more days until Friday?

  1. Girl!!!! I watched Kylon sit there and try to stuff a tube of chapstick down his brother’s throat and then Kadyn starting screaming/hollering and so I asked Ky “did you just try to put chapstick down your brother’s throat?” NO! oh lord have mercy – I now know why some animals eat their young. Like you I tried to explain that lying was bad and it made me upset/sad and he needed to go to his room. I’m so glad I’m not the only one right now having to deal with this & looks like they are coming into that age – god bless our little souls 😦

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