Homemade Stockings and Kabobs for Dinner

Yesterday was a much better day and I got a lot accomplished. I found Brent’s christmas present and I have to go pick it up, but the problem will be hiding it. So I’m still working on that. He had class until 10, so I made the kids a frozen pizza for dinner and they devoured it. Those Totino’s party pizzas arent as bad as some of the others, and they are great when I need something easy. We played hard and the kids went to bed right on time.

So I whipped out my sewing machine with intentions to finish the stockings that I had started last year. A year ago, when I had a newborn, I thought I could easily make 4 matching stockings while learning how to be a stay at home mom. We see how well that worked out when they sat uncuffed for a year in the closet. So I bought a bunch of different ribbons and got to work making different cuffs for each of us. Lets just say it took me a few minutes to remember how to turn the machine on. Then getting the matching thread on the bobbin… I had to google it. Basically it took me almost an hour to get to the point I could actually sew a stitch onto these stinking stockings. By this time Brent was home, so much for him walking in to say, “Babe! They look great!” Instead he came in while I was cussing out my sewing machine, which I learned from google – is one of the simplest to use. Thanks for boosting my confidence google.

But I got them done! I even used more than one color of thread! Let me explain to you that this is the first sewing project I have ever completed alone, and without calling or using FaceTime with my mom or my friend Claire. Who’s awesome? This girl.






I need to iron them, but im pretty proud of them! They are made of burlap, and then I used an old bedsheet in a tan color as the lining. I was going to stencil our names on them, but I found these super cute initial ornaments at hobby lobby, and I think I will use those instead. Ill post pictures after I pick them up.

Last night our elf was as tired as I was so she curled up in one of my cookie boxes with a cloth napkin. She must have had a long trip to the North Pole!


For dinner tonight I’m making kabobs, a staple in our house. I remember this being my favorite meal growing up, and my dad used this yummy teryaki glaze and we ate them with Wild Grain rice. So good. However, I’ve lightened them up a bit.

Start with a steak you like, I usually use sirloin, and cut it into inch and a half cubes or so. Use whatever veggies you like, we use cherry tomatoes, bell pepper, onion, mushrooms, and zucchini. Sometimes I put pineapple chunks on there too. Cut the veggies to bite size pieces and skewer alternating meat and veggies. I drizzle a littlw EVOO on them and then sprinkle cavenders greek seasoning over everything and grill! Its so so good. I dont serve them with rice anymore either, I just eat as many veggies as I can!

Do you have a staple meal from your childhood that you have changed to be healthier for your family?

Are you working on any projects this holiday season?


One thought on “Homemade Stockings and Kabobs for Dinner

  1. Such cute stockings, Brit. I can so relate to your ordeal with the sewing machine. hahaha. Whenever I have time to sew again, if that happens before my hands are too old and shaky, I will probably have to start by re-learning everything, even though I sewed for years and years!!

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