Rocking Baby Jesus

So my three year old is obsessed with our nativity. And I guess I should have figured she would be, because she is really getting into dolls and Barbie and such. But mostly, she says she just wants to rock baby Jesus. My heart totally melted when she told me that. And I would let her hold the one we have, but the other day she wanted to play with a tiny snow globe, and I told her not to set it down anywhere but on a high counter. She played with it for about 45 seconds and set it down on the coffee table where Truett picked it up and threw it on the tile. Have you ever cleaned up a broken snow globe? It’s super fun. Needless to say, I am hesitant to hand over the baby Jesus that I grew up with. My mom gave me the nativity this year, and it is my favorite Christmas decoration. The figures are all children, dressed in costume, like in a Christmas play. I remember every year it was on the mantle above our big brick fireplace. It has always been my favorite thing to have out, and now it’s at my house.


But I do adore the fact that Hadley wants to rock baby Jesus. So we looked a few places this week for a ‘real’ plush baby Jesus or something like it, but couldn’t find any. I’ll keep looking, but for now she has wrapped up her baby Joey (which was also my doll growing up) in a blanket and keeps calling him Jesus.

Today marks 6 months ago that my grandmother passed away, and yesterday for whatever reason I was pretty emotional about it. Hadley still asks about her and just wants to go visit Heaven. If it were only that simple. I would have a lot less emotional baggage if I could go visit my Dad and Memaw once and a while. Can you imagine what Jesus’ birthday party is like every year in Heaven? That’s a party I would enjoy for sure.

Not trying to bring you down on a Friday! It’s Friday! My favorite day. Just knowing that When Brent comes home he is here for a couple of days is great. However tomorrow he is going hunting for the morning, and I have no idea what the kids and I will do yet. Santa is going to be down on Broadway in Edmond, so we may do that at some point.Later when Brent is home I’m going to go get some stocking stuffers for the kids. I would tell you what I got for Brent, (because this year i really did a good job on gifts and stocking stuff!) but on the off chance that he ever reads my blog, I don’t want him to find out!

Last night our elf got a wild hair and zip lined through the kitchen. I thought for sure Hadley would see her when she woke up, as we made sure Holly was right outside her door, but she came running in our room telling us she couldn’t find her anywhere. Which means she didn’t look for her at all. When she finally did see her she told me she wanted a turn on the zip line.


I have recipes to post this weekend, from our menu the next two weeks. Crock Pot French Dips, Green Chile Duck Enchilada Soup, Fish Tacos, Pesto Veggies and Sausage, Venison Steaks, Pork Tenderloin with veggies, Crockpot Meatballs…. All kinds of good stuff!! Now that I am back at home I can get back to my two week menu planning.

I’m off to the gym!!

I did get the initial ornaments for our stockings yesterday. I’m pretty in love with them!



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