Party Food and a Healthy Dinner. Not together, of course.

This weekend was so perfect. It started Thursday with Hadley’s Christmas program at preschool. For weeks we have been asking her what songs she was singing so we could practice them. We named about 4, and I didn’t think she was singing 4, but we sang them all 24 hours a day. Thursday comes and she lets me curl her hair and puts on her Christmas dress. We arrive and drop her off with her classmates and head into the auditorium to find a seat. Out come 50 of the cutest 3 year olds, and they take their places. Music starts. “What song is this? We didn’t practice this one!” Away in a Manger. The next one was Jingle Bells, we sang it a million times. She did great! Then Joy to the World, didn’t practice. We Wish You a Merry Christmas? No, not that one either. Thank goodness we did practice Rudolph, Santa Clause is Coming to Town, and Zacchaeus. Haha.

Friday night when we watched ‘Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer’ and ‘Yes, Virgina’ with Hadley. Then Saturday morning we woke up and met some of our friends and their kids at our favorite diner for breakfast, Katie’s Country Griddle. I always get the same thing: the Which Came First omelet. It is 2 eggs, diced chicken, tomatoes, green onion, and cream cheese. It is so good! I never thought about putting cream cheese in my omelet, but it is now my favorite ingredient. They also have the most amazing coffee.

After breakfast we drove to downtown Oklahoma City to the Devon building. This is where my husband works, and his friend, whose family we were with. Each Saturday in December, Devon puts on ‘Saturdays with Santa’. There are activities and crafts, plus Santa and Mrs. Claus are there. The building is decorated so perfect, with massive decorations like ornaments and pinecones that are bright and beautiful.


We saw Santa and Mrs. Claus, and Hadley, who has never sat on Santa’s lap before, did and smiled! It may have been the candy canes we were feeding her and bribing her with, but it worked! And not only that, but Truett followed her lead. I couldn’t believe I got a smile out of both of them! Each year we take a family picture with Santa too.





We ran around outside for awhile and let them get some energy out before we headed home for lunch and naps.





Saturday night we had a little get together of neighbors and a few close friends, and it was great. Everyone brought something delicious, and we hung out and then played Charades with Christmas Carol titles. In a room of adults who have had a few glasses of Christmas Punch, trying to act out some of these was hilarious! I highly recommend this if you have a party to go to any time in the next week or so. The girls team won, by the way. We rocked it.

For the food, I of course searched Pinterest, and decided on Red Velvet Cheesecake Dip. It was so easy and delicious, as you would imagine. Brent made seared Asparagus with a BĂ©arnaise sauce, one of my favorite appetizers. There was bacon wrapped water chestnuts, sausage balls, spinach artichoke dip, a fruit tray and a sausage and cheese tray. Also red velvet mini cupcakes and Mint Chocolate Bark.

Here is the recipe I used.

My friend Claire made this and Brent and I still were eating on it today. It is so addicting.

Sunday we went to church, I definitely wanted to hear a positive message after the tragedy in Connecticut last week. How devastating. I honestly cannot fathom what those families are going through, and every time I think about it I cry. I have been really emotional about it, and all we can do is keep praying. For everyone involved and for our society as a whole. Pray that God wraps those families in his arms and comforts them, and that we as Christians pull together and support those who need it. Even from Oklahoma or anywhere else, our prayers can make a difference in any place. Just keep praying.

For dinner Brent made Venison Backstrap with Roasted Cauliflower and Carrots. It was SO good. Melt in your mouth good. Nothing tastes better than venison wrapped in bacon and drizzled with a little EVOO, straight off the grill. I like venison because it is a little gamier than beef, which I know also deters some people from eating it. It is so lean that many times you have to wrap it in bacon so it doesn’t dry out while cooking. The flavor is amazing and I appreciate that it was a wild animal, totally organic and taken by my husband to provide for our family. There is nothing healthier than that.


Have you watched the Elf on the Shelf movie yet? It was really cute, Hadley loved it and we’ve already watched it 3 times. Here is what Holly got into last night. Just sticking to one of the four major food groups!


Have a great day today! It’s almost Christmas!!


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