Murphy’s Law

Today was one of those days that I just left everything as it was and went to the gym. Let me explain.

We watched Polar Express last night and Hadley loved it! she was so amazed by the train and the reindeer, and especially when the little boy got his bell back. I’m sure she loves it almost as much as Brent does.



Last night a cold front blew in and so the wind was ridiculous. Here in Oklahoma, the wind is always out of control. The words to the song ‘Oklahoma, where the wind comes sweeping down the plains…’ are in fact true. Before I lived here I never gave it much thought, and supposed that they just needed an extra line that rhymed. That, my friend, was incorrect. It is windy like 364 days a year. Not a suitable climate for a girl with long hair. Ifeel like Chicago has nothing on Oklahoma, but i haven’t been there, so its just a guess. We laid awake in bed listening to it and Brent mentioned that he hoped the little trampoline was still in the backyard in the morning. I really didn’t expect it to get that bad, I mean we’ve had 70-80 mph gusts during bad storms with tornados, so 50-60 mph gusts didn’t seem that bad to me.

Around 5:30 Truett started crying, he had peed through his diaper and pajamas and was freezing. So I changed him, his clothes, and crib sheet, he then put him in my bed to snuggle and get warm so he would fall back asleep. Hadley woke up at 7:30 and came in our room, so we all got up and Brent let our dog out. This is what we saw:

See that silver line with handles on the left side of the picture? That is our 300+ pound grill that has been blown off of our patio. Thank goodness our neighbor reinforced the fence with steel poles instead of 4x4s. The table was flipped upside down but miraculously did not break. Our charcoal grill was blown off too,and the wheels came off. All of the insides of the grills and accessories were scattered everywhere. Did I mention there was a propane tank attached to our gas grill? Thank goodness it didn’t get punctured. The gas grill is now shaped like an “s”. Looks like we won’t be using it anymore. The trampoline is the only thing that was still in the same spot as it was when we went to bed.
There was also a bag of birdseed out there that blew into the yard and a hole tore in it. So I picked it up and covered the hole, and set it on a paper plate so I could put it in a ziplock after we picked up the patio. So we got the grill back up and everything else in its place, and came back inside. It was like 25 degrees and the wind was still blowing like crazy. I was freezing so I made my cup of coffee and went in the laundry room to start hanging up the stuff from the dryer when I hear, “Aw Crap.” I lean out the door into the kitchen to see birdseed all over the floor. Clearly no one heard me say I was going to put that in a ziplock and that there was a hole in the bag. Oh, and our vacuum is still broken. Someone just put me out of my misery!!
Brent finally gets a million tiny pieces of birdseed swept into a pile while fighting the dog and the 14 month old who are trying to play in it and sucked up into the shop vac, I finished the laundry and my coffee. Got the kids dressed and headed to – not the gym. The pediatricians office because Hadley needed a flu shot. I didn’t even tell her where we were going or why, and then once we were there I let her choose between the shot or the nasal mist. She actually chose the shot. Ok, your choice! She didn’t cry, which was a miracle, and when we got in the car I gave her a package of fruit snacks, a sticker, and a handful of mini marshmallows. Totally worth it. Then we finally got to the gym. I checked the kids into the childcare and ran upstairs to get my cardio in before I met with Robbie. 5 minutes into my run I hear my name over the loud speaker, so I run back down to the kids club. Truett has a dirty diaper. Perfect timing! I changed him and went back upstairs to finish my 3 miles and then met Robbie downstairs where he pushed me harder than last time. I am not the best multitasker when it comes to having to balance and do something else, so laying on the giant ball and doing reps while planking – I’m sure I looked as ridiculous as I felt. Pushing the huge Prowler up and down the length of the weight room, and lunging the length of the weight room, squats and presses…I was exhausted! I do like the medicine ball slams, they definitely help get my aggression and stress out. I like the core work too, laying on my back holding my feet 6 inches off the ground, then doing flutter kicks and sit ups to the ceiling instead of to your knees. Better for my back and I could totally feel my abs burning. All in all it was an awesome workout, and afterwards I went back upstairs and did another 3 miles on the elliptical.

Brought my kids home and fed them spaghetti and meatballs while I had spicy hummus and a piece of pita bread. Then we played baby dolls and fire trucks until nap time. Which was just a few minutes ago and when I close this up I’m going to take a long hot shower and get my house clean. And re-wrap the present that Truett ripped during lunch time. Not sure what is for dinner tonight, but the other night we had Pan Seared Duck Breasts with Whole Grain Brown Rice and Steamed Veggies. It was so good. Truett ate two whole breasts by himself! I couldn’t believe I didn’t overcook the duck, but magically it was still pink in the middle. Pan Seared is not my favorite way to eat it, I have learned. I prefer grilled when it comes to duck, because when you cook it in a pan all of the juices stay in it and it is a little too gamey tasting for me. And I like gamey. But grilled, everything drains out and it tastes amazing. However it looks like we won’t be grilling for awhile. Maybe he can get the charcoal grill back in order.


I’m just putting this one in here because it is my favorite sweater right now.


It’s almost Friday!!!


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