A Different Christmas

So this Christmas is going to be a totally different one than I’ve ever experienced. For multiple reasons. First of all, this will be our very first Christmas by ourselves. Since my whole family lives in Texas, and Brent’s whole family lives in New Mexico, there won’t be anyone with us this year since we decided to stay here. It’s important to us to be in our house on Christmas morning, and open our presents and let the kids stay in their pajamas all day if they want to. This year having Christmas fall on a weekday makes it hard for any of our family to come up because most of them have to work the next day. It’s a bummer, and I’m pretty sad about it, but I know it has to happen at some point so I need to just get over it. It’s going to be great and we are going to have fun, it’s more just the change that I’m sad about. I grew up with a house full of adults and kids on Christmas morning. Like Home Alone style relatives. Our parents used to make us all sit on the staircase and wait while they made coffee and mimosas, set up the video camera, fixed their hair…it was excruciating! My cousins would all mess with each other and try to inch down the staircase, and I remember being told that someone had already peeked and Santa didn’t bring me anything (Mark!)! I was the youngest of all the grand kids, and a girl after five boys. So being picked on was an everyday thing, the problem was how gullible I was. I also remember getting a phone call from Santa – you used to be able to call your own house from your landline and have it ring on a different phone – while I was the only one upstairs and my two cousins told me they were going outside to play. He told me that I had to be really nice to my cousins Mark and Jeremy, if I wanted any presents that year. Aren’t they the sweetest? My mom also used to make us sing carols and video tape it. The boys would always sing the wrong words or yell out the extra words in the songs, and there was one time had to sing Rudolph, and when we got to the part where Santa asked Rudolph to guide the sleigh, my brother yelled “No!!” and we all laughed so hard we couldnt finish the song. I love those memories! I want my kids to be around their family members and a ton of cousins, but it seems like those days of big family holidays are slipping away. Most of my friends don’t do it anymore, they usually stay home with their own small family. Maybe I’ll like it, but I had so much fun when I was younger.

Another reason this Christmas will be so different is because it will be my first one without my Memaw. Since she passed away in June the holidays just kind of snuck up on me as far as preparing my emotions for being without her. I can’t remember a single year without her there, and the other day when I was feeling sorry for myself about not being with my family over Christmas, it hit me that she wouldn’t be there anyway. I had a good cry and it just so happened that later on my aunt posted something on FaceBook about how amazing her Christmas would be in Heaven this year. And it will. It makes me less sad to think that she will get to actually celebrate our Savior’s birthday with Him this year, which is an incomprehensible thought, as well as get to be with my grandfather again, and her parents, and my dad (which I’m a little jealous about). After almost 9 years without my dad, you would think it has gotten easier, but it really hasn’t. I still miss him just as much and wish he was here to watch my kids open their presents and play with them. I will always have that little kid inside me who misses their dad, so I’m not expecting it to get better than it is, just still learning how to move past it. Other important people in our family passed away last year as well, and it’s hard to think we were all together last year. Everything was normal at Thanksgiving, and we were still together at Christmas. Makes you realize that everything can change in a second. Nothing needs to be taken for granted and we all should love each other like this is the last time we will be together.
Since we dont get to be with our families this Christmas, we are planning lots of fun things to do with our friends that will be here as well, including a big Christmas dinner with our “Edmond Family”: The Creecy’s. They are transplants here as well and dont have any other family in town, so we do a lot of things together. They just had a baby in October, and Hadley is in love with him. Besides the fact that their 4 year old is her bff, she couldnt be happier than getting to spend the day with them. We are also planning on taking Hadley ice skating for her first time tomorrow and then church on Sunday.
I am so looking forward to seeing them open their presents on Christmas morning and spending time with Brent over his vacation. Plus we do get to head down to North Texas after Christmas for 5 days or so to spend time with the family and maybe even sneak in a date night!
I hope you all have an amazing Christmas, and that you will appreciate everyone you are with. Too many families are not having the Christmas they intended this year, be it the families in Connecticut or the friends and family we know who are dealing with other things. Pray for them, hug them, and give a little extra love to the people you care about.


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