It is officially my first 29th birthday. Do you ever stop and think, man, I really never saw myself here. Sometimes I wonder how I got here or whose kids these are what it is I must have done right to have such an amazing life. When I was younger I could never figure out what career path I wanted to take or what my major should be in college. I realize now that it doesn’t matter, any major would have been fine as long as there was a degree at the end. But I could never pick anything that was of much interest because all I wanted was to get married and have kids. I knew that whatever career I chose would be more of a ‘job’, because I wanted my career to be my family. And God provided a man who felt the same way I did, as well as worked hard so that we could have this life. One time I was with a friend’s mom, she was meeting Hadley for the first time, and I’ve known her since I was about 14. I remember her saying that she couldn’t believe I was a stay-at-home-mom, she could have never pictured me wanting that. But I suppose there was a time when I didn’t want it, and I probably thought it wouldn’t happen anyway. Even before I had Truett, I didn’t think I wanted to stay home, but now, I can’t imagine life any differently. I am so lucky to be married to such a sweet and devoted husband, he is everything I ever thought I wanted in a man, but never thought existed. My kids are the most precious things you have ever seen, and hilarious too. And my family is the absolute best, even though we live far apart, I am closer to them now than I ever was before we moved.

Last night, Brent actually gave me my birthday gift early! I know, pigs were flying, it was crazy! Mostly because I bribed talked Hadley into to telling him we should. You will not be as excited about this as I was, but it is a fleece electric blanket for our king size bed!! I couldn’t believe it, this coming from a man who told me that my heating pad made the mattress hot on his side. But when my heating pad went out last week I was so bummed, and I haven’t been able to find another one as big. I was going to get a twin sized electric blanket to burrito up in, but he kept telling me he would be too hot if I got one. If he was trying to throw me off, it worked. It may have just been that he was tired of me telling him how cold I was all day and night! Whatever the reason, I was so so excited to put it on the bed and turn it on. My feet are actually warm right now.

Nothing too exciting for us yesterday or today really, my trainer kicked my bootie at the gym, I was huffing and puffing by the end of my session. But thats how I like it!! I did 3.6 miles on the elliptical before my session, and 4 miles afterwards. Brent picked up dinner on his way home last night, from a bbq place by our house. I had smoked turkey, green beans, and slaw, with two tablespoons of bbq sauce. My whole meal was about 360 calories. And I was stuffed! It really is pretty easy to make good choices at restaurants if you are paying attention to portion size and what is good for you.

Today Hadley has school and I hit the gym!


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