This age is taking way too long!

My week thus far has been pretty crazy boring…and super busy. Who ever thought being a stay at home mom would give me more free time or less stress was totally wrong. That person would be me! I totally thought I would have more time to do fun stuff, DIY projects and reading…ya right. Remember that book I started? I’m on chapter 2. After 2 weeks. I used to read a book in a day! I have a dresser that I am super excited to refinish. I hope it happens before summer, or else I will have to wait until the fall. Because of the heat here, the paint dries so fast, it’s hard to get a smooth finish. And I am not painting it in the house. With my two crazies running around? Hadley got my grace, the last thing I need is her running into it and getting covered in gray paint. She runs into things at least 4-6 times a day: walls, coffee table, chairs, doors (even open ones), etc. She is super excited to start her ballet class, and I am definitely going to be recording some of it, so when she has kids they will see where they get it from. My mom did it to me!

My morning schedule is usually the same, my kids thrive on routine and have meltdowns when we change things. So we are usually at the gym by 10 six days a week, and on Sundays we are at church. After lunch is nap time, where I do the dishes and fold the laundry, get all the exciting stuff out of the way. They wake up and we play outside or in the play room for as long as we can, until I start dinner, and then Brent comes home to take over playtime until we eat. After dinner there is usually an hour of Daddy-time, then baths, then snuggling, then bedtime. Pretty easy routine, but maybe it was the three day weekend that threw me off this week. I am trying to get back in it! Let me tell you that for two days in a row – get excited – not only have I washed and dried the laundry, I have put it away. Rather than just turning the dryer back on, I have returned the clothes, folded or on hangers to their places. I’m not getting ahead of myself, I don’t expect this to happen daily. But I will totally take any small victory I can get. Just like a shower. Isn’t that a victory in itself? 15 minutes to take a hot shower alone at all? Today Hadley did not want Truett playing with her baby dolls while I was in the shower, so she locked him in my room and continued to play in the playroom alone. Truett was trying to tell me ‘out out’, and I kept thinking he wanted me to get out of the shower, so I finished and dried off as I realized the door was locked. I asked Hadley if she had locked us in, which she said she had, and told me he was touching her baby dolls while they were sleeping and she didn’t want him to. I explained to her that that probably wasn’t the best way to handle it, and we can’t lock our siblings in bedrooms when they are bothering us. Especially when they are only one and just want to play with their sister. So I was folding the laundry and I heard Truett crying, and came around the corner to realize she had done it again. This warranted a time out and a verbal lashing, with threats of spanking and taking away her baby dolls. She explained that she just didn’t want to share with him, so I told her that if she wasn’t going to share, then she couldn’t play with any of his toys either. That didn’t sound like any fun, so after her time out she came out and apologized and was fine the rest of the day. Unfortunately, age three has not been my favorite. I am ready to move past it – QUICKLY! I know these are only momentary lapses in judgement, because the other 90% of the time she is amazing. But im learning the extent that a three year old will go for some alone time.

My hubby has started back to school for the semester, so Wednesdays and Thursdays I’m on my own until bedtime with both little hooligans. Good thing Thursdays are training days, I’ll need that stress relief for sure. We usually eat leftovers or a quick fix meal on nights Brent isn’t home, they usually don’t appreciate my cooking as much as he does. Last night they ate Mac n Cheese and I had chicken fajita leftovers. Easy and fast. Plus I hate wasting food, I will eat leftovers almost every day for lunch if there are any in the fridge. It is also quick and painless to have leftovers, and I know how many calories I’m getting already, I don’t have to figure it out or worry about it.

This morning for breakfast I had egg whites with salsa- so good! I DO NOT like yolks. It’s a texture thing I suppose, but I can’t get over it. When I was younger, my dad always made my eggs over easy. I remember loving it, and then as I got older I wanted them more and more cooked. Brent always jokes now that he has to cook my eggs for 10 minutes before I will eat them. But it’s really just the yolks, unless they are scrambled, I would rather just have the whites. So this morning (and yesterday) I had egg whites sprinkled with Cavender’s Greek Seasoning. I love that stuff! The egg whites keep me full and are super low in calories. Three servings of egg whites with salsa is less than one regular egg. Usually on the way to the gym I will have a granola bar or protein bar for a boost of energy.

Off to the gym I go! Have a great day, It’s almost Friday!!

What has been the hardest age for you with your kids?

Do you eat leftovers?


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