Busy weekend and Shirataki Noodles!

There is no shortage of fun weekends around here, thats for sure. We spend Saturday with some good friends, and Brent grilled salmon steaks with a dijon mustard and brown sugar marinade. Fantastic! We also had spicy grilled shrimp, wild long grain rice and grilled tomatoes.

Sunday we went to church, and as usual, it was great. Craig finished a 4 week series on “Living the Story You Want to Tell”. He saved the best for last, and it was a really motivating lesson.

Then we had lunch with our neighbors, ran errands, and Hadley got to go play at their house for the afternoon. She came home and told us all about how much fun she had and how much she loves them. Adorable!

We were so full from lunch we didn’t even really have dinner, just snacked a little and fed the kids.

Today is a busy one, pajama day and show and tell at school for Hadley, and I’m hitting the gym for cardio. I get to go have a physical today with my doctor… not my favorite! Tonight for dinner we are having Chicken and Broccoli with Alfredo sauce. Doesn’t sound very healthy, but I found a recipe on Pinterest where the sauce is made from greek yogurt. And Brent found a spin on pasta at our local Uptown Market that we are going to try with it. It is called Shirataki Pasta, and it is made from a yam protein. Only has 20 calories per serving. Im looking forward to trying it! Check back tomorrow and I’ll let you know how it went, plus post the recipe!


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