Dinner Attempt #2

Don’t you love when you whatever you have planned for dinner doesn’t happen at all? The chicken wasn’t thawed in time for us to cook it last night, so I was going to make a Caprese Grilled cheese, but Brent was craving burgers. We went to Flatire Burgers and I had their yummy Yellowfin Tuna Salad with Wasabi Ranch. I will be making the Chicken and Broccoli Alfredo tonight though, and these are the noodles I’m using.


Yesterday at the gym I did 8.5 miles on the elliptical and burned 1000 calories. But I’ll tell ya, I’m getting discouraged in this weight loss. I really haven’t lost more than a few pounds in the last couple of months. I know one of them was the holiday season, and my goal there was not really to lose any during that time, but to not gain any weight and eat in moderation. That I was successful at. But it has been a month and I’m only down two pounds. I know it is a slow process, but I am really sticking to my diet, and I have upped my cardio to challenge myself. I’m getting frustrated. I talked with my doctor about it yesterday, and she said my previous bloodwork showed everything was normal, and that I was doing everything right. She was telling me that sometimes when you lose a significant amount of weight you may get to a point and plateau for longer than you expect, and to switch things up a bit. It was good to hear that if she had passed me on the street she wouldn’t have recognized me, and that I am obviously much healthier than I was before. But still no magical answer! I’ll be trying more kinds of cardio and talking to my trainer about what else I can do, but it is really hard to hear that you are doing everything right, and more than most people, but seeing no results.

Gotta get these rugrats dressed and ready for the gym! It’s raining here, so we will probably be doing a movie and craft day at our house.

What is your backup plan when dinner doesn’t work out?

What do you do on a rainy day with your little ones?


3 thoughts on “Dinner Attempt #2

  1. I would try changing up your cardio a little bit. Instead of doing so many days of steady state cardio, try adding a couple days of HIIT into your routine. It has been proven to burn more fat(and for longer afterwards) than steady state. Another plus, it only takes 20-30 minutes to complete BUT you have to keep the intervals super intense.

    Maybe also try eliminating carbs after 4 pm, just for a week or so. That might be enough to give your body a shake up and get the weight loss moving again.

    Keep up the hard work, Britt…your dedication is inspiring!!

    • Thanks Suzanne. I talked to my trainer, and we intensified my session some today, and then I also did interval running, like c25k. I think less cardio, interval training, and trying to even add some calories will be my next phase. Thanks for the encouragement!!

      • Just from experience, I know too much cardio can actually stall weight loss. Your body goes more into endurance mode and stops burning as much fat. Sounds like you have a great plan now!!

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