Piggys in a blanket!

What a day yesterday was. Hadley was up early for some reason, so we had breakfast and sent Brent off to work. She watched an episode of Umizoomi and I did my usual morning stuff. Took her to school, but instead of going to the gym, Truett had his 15 month check up at the pediatrician.

This was before they came in. He was all smiles and chatting away, through the whole exam. He is 95th percentile in height, 75th in weight. Then came the shots. Its always so hard to watch the nurse give them shots!! He only cried for a minute, but I’m expecting him to feel pretty low today. My kids always feel bad for a day or two after shots. I’m glad he doesn’t get any more until he’s two. I was planning on going to the gym after, but he was crashing so we went home. He didn’t want lunch and I had to load him in the car two hours later, still sleeping, when it was time to pick up Hadley. I woke him up when we got there.

After we got home we spent some time outside with our neighbors, and then I made Pigs in a Blanket for dinner. My kids have a hard time sitting still and enjoying dinner, so I’m trying to take these two nights a week that it is just us to make a fun meal for them. I don’t like making meals for Brent and I, and making them something else. I think they need to learn that dinner is family time, it’s fun, and I choose what they eat. They can choose whether or not to eat it, but I don’t want to let them dictate meal time. I bought some Lil Smokies and crescent rolls, and got out some shredded cheese. I rolled out the dough, and cut each triangle in half. Put some cheese on it and one sausage, and roll them up. I baked mine on parchment paper, for 13 minutes at 375 degrees. Basically followed the instructions on the crescent roll package. They turned out delicious! Hadley ate 5, Truett had 2, I had 3, and Brent ate the rest when he got home. I think our kids eat more when their food is fun! Next time I’m going to make them with spinach and something else delicious. Try to sneak some vegetables in.


We chased each other around the house for about an hour, had tickle fights and tried to see who could get the most kisses from Mox. After bath time Brent came home, and once we all settled in for our official ‘nightly snuggle time’, Truett crashed out within about two minutes. Hadley was soon after, so I watched How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days while Brent did homework. I love that movie!!

Today I’ll get back to the gym and I need to make Mox some more dog biscuits. I’m looking forward to seeing my mom tomorrow, my niece and nephew, and my sister and other niece and nephew on Saturday. Love when our family comes up!

What do you feed your kids when you aren’t cooking a big meal?


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