Easter Weekend!

We had a great weekend here in Edmond, I am not ready for it to be over! Although wxciting stuff is happening today too, but more on that in a minute.

On Friday, Brent’s mom and younger sister came in to town. I went and got my hair cut and colored  and we went out to dinner at “Let’s Do Greek”. The food there is very good, and I had a Gyro Greek Salad. They also serve fresh hummus and we topped ours with a spicy “thunder” sauce that is killer. Hummus is actually a good low carb snack, but the pita it came wiyh was not. Sure was yummy though! I had a few pieces, and then I put some hummus on my salad, yum!

Saturday was SO busy! We got up and started running errands around 9, and our first stop was the vet clinic I worked at.


This is Tucker and he is a Flemish Giant!! These bunnies can weigh up to 50 pounds when they are full grown! After our errands and lunch the kids took naps and we all got ready to go meet our friends in the park for an Easter Egg Hunt and family pictures. Our photographer Rachel has been doing our pictures as well as many of our friends for a couple of years now and we think she does an amazing job. I cannot wait to see these!!

After the kids rounded up the eggs and shoveled in some candy, we grabbed a quick dinner and headed to church. Our pastor has started a new series about who Jesus says he is in the Bible. It is so interesting.

Easter morning we woke up to Hadley in our room saying, “Car! There is a car in the living room!” We jumped rolled out of bed to this:


She was so excited! I turned the light on and Hadley said, “Oh. It’s red. I wanted pink.” Ha! (This is because she saw a pink car when we were driving the other day) I explained to her that the Easter Bunny probably brought it for her AND Truett, and since Truett was a boy he probably wouldn’t want pink. That seemed to be a sufficient explaination and she was ready to ride!


Truett was also pumped to see the car, but he has no idea how to drive it so Hadley gets to drive him around for now. It has a working radio, headlights, horn, doors and an mp3 jack. Makes all kinds of noises which Truett loves. They were pretty happy!



Hadley filled her basket and said she had enough eggs and wanted to help Truett fill his basket. She is such a sweet big sister!!



Brent put a leg of lamb on the smoker and I got started cooking. All of our friends came over around 3 and we had an amazing dinner about 6. Ill be posting all the recipes over this week, there are so many it would be overwhelming to do at once!

Have a great Monday!! After the gym,
I’m picking up Cool Greens for lunch and heading home to shower and let Truett take a nap. Then picking up Hadley and bringing hee home to stay with her Gigi (Brent’s mom) while we go to our pre-constuction meeting with the builder. You know what that means – breaking ground!!!

How was your Easter?

Did you cook traditional foods or try anything new? Everything we made this time was new to us, and will probably become traditional, it was so so good!!


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