Planning Ahead

Can I just brag on my little precious three and a half year old for a minute? She is the sweetest thing you will ever meet. She adores her little brother and loves to help everyone. I was so sick with a 24 hour bug, and she helped me do everything! I knew she would, but she really just does more than I ever expect her to. She hardly ever complains and has a servants heart. I love watching her evolve and grow into a sweet little girl, and I can’t wait to see what God has planned for her life.


Cutest picture ever!! This is from our family pictures last weekend, where we had the kids hunt eggs in the park and our friend Rachel from RPPhotography came out to do some spring pictures for us. If you are in the Oklahoma City area and are thinking of having pictures done, I promise you can’t get better than Rachel!

Today Hadley had ballet, and afterwards I went to the gym, took it easy and just did 40 minutes of cardio. Tomorrow I will have to go early since we have a birthday party at 10:30 at the zoo! So excited about it. It is our first time to go this season, and we will probably spend part of the day there afterwards. A busy weekend means taking a few minutes to plan ahead. Like for the zoo I will pack an ice chest with some fresh veggies and ranch, maybe som tuna salad for lunch, and an Atkins bar if I need something sweet. I will also have to remind myself that the sweets at the birthday party are best left to the kids, and looking great in those weddings, as well as just feeling better in shorts and at the pool this summer is going to be so much better than cake!

I’ve finished my menu for the next two weeks, and am finishing up my grocery list today. So when the kids wake up we will be off to the store! I am down 8 pounds so far. Yay!!

Today’s food:
Breakfast: 1 egg, diced ham – 0 carbs
Lunch: Progresso Soup Chicken and Vegetables – 4 carbs
Snack: (if I’m hungry) Almonds – 3 carbs
Dinner: Chicken and roasted veggies – 8 carbs

How do you make you’re grocery list? I base mine off of what specials are in the paper, and then build a meal plan around that and our schedule.

How often do you go to the store per month? Two planned out trips, and as needed for milk and things for the kids.


2 thoughts on “Planning Ahead

  1. Your kids are beautiful! Congrats on the 8 pounds. I grocery shop once a week and select our menus based on sales and coupons I have. I find that I stay on budget better when I go once a week. Then there are no last minute visits (splurges) in between.

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