Sugar Free Peanut Butter Cookies and Well-Behaved Kids!

What a relaxing weekend we had! It was so nice to not have any plans, have lots of time together, and even get an spontaneous double datep night!

Friday, Brent had told Hadley we would go out to dinner. So we were trying to decide where we wanted to go when we passed a restaurant we had never been to but had always wanted to try. I remember asking a friend of mine if it was family friendly, and he said it was. So we decided to try it out. When you walk in, it is much nicer inside than out. I think we were both a little taken back, seeing as we were in jeans and t-shirts, and had the kids with us. I was trying to think of a nice way to get out of eating there, but the hostess assured us we were fine and took us to a table, right in the center of the room. I was just thinking, “Fantastic. All of these people are going to be waiting for our kids to be crazy, and its so quiet in here!” So we told Hadley that if she was super good and helped us with Truett, we would all go to our favorite frozen yogurt place for desert.

Really, the kids were pretty good. Hadley had a hard time sitting still the whole time and kept wanting to go look out the window, and she chewed one bite for about ten minutes before she told me she didn’t like it and wanted to spit it out. Truett just acted like a toddler the whole time. Throwing silverware, spitting out food, wanting my phone, my lap, Brent’s lap, standing in the high chair… We were shoveling the food in so we could get out of there! When the waiter brought the check, I was like, “Ok, we are in the home stretch. Just get out of here without a meltdown and this can be considered a success.” It was close, Truett was on the verge of losing it because he had been too quiet and still for too long. As we were grabbing our stuff and trying to leave, the couple at the table next to us complimented us on how well behaved the kids were! I was wondering if they had even been paying attention to them, but they said they had and how sweet and cute they were. Phew! Ok, I appreciated that and felt like we were successful at keeping them under control in public, haha. We kept walking and were stopped by another couple on the other side of the restaurant. They were raving about the kids and how cute they were and how well-behaved they were. I told them thank you,  how nice it was to hear since we had been concerned when we walked in with the lack of any other kids in the restaurant, and the atmosphere. They asked Hadley a few questions and she was sweet and polite, which is a big change from the shy little girl she was last summer.

We definitely took them for frozen yogurt after that! I know that my kids stress me out way more than they bother anyone else, my mom always tells me that. So it was a confirmation of that when strangers told us as well. It really eased some of my anxiety about what I notice and what other people see.

The rest of the weekend we pretty much spent outside. Playing with the dog, riding the kids cars in the cul-de-sac, running a few errands. The weather was perfect and we were together, which is my favorite kind of weekend. Saturday night was a last minute double date with some of our best friends, which was much needed! And on Sunday we lounged around, played outside, and I tried out a new cookie recipe! Peanut Butter cookies, my absolute favorite. I had pinned this recipe a while ago, and finally decided to make them.

I keep a huge jar of peanut butter in the panty because Hadley likes a waffle with peanut butter, sliced bananas and cinnamon every morning for breakfast. I also found a large bag of Xylitol finally, and grabbed that for the cookies too. These cookies end up being about 1 carb each (mine made 35 large cookies) and have no flour or oil in them, but do have 1 egg. They have 56 calories each, so no matter what your diet, you can enjoy these without any guilt! The original recipe is found here. I went by the recipe, but used Xylitol instead of Splenda (thanks Suzanne!). If you want to read some interesting information about Xylitol, I found some here.

They are pretty delicate right out of the oven, so I let them cool completely, and then I left them out overnight. This morning they were firm and chewy, with flavor better than any peanut butter cookie I’ve ever had. But don’t tell my grandmother that! And yes, I did say this morning. We all had one with breakfat. Hey, they are sugar free and have a little protein in them, why not!? And by one, I mean that Brent had about 5.

Low Carb Peanut Butter Cookies

1 cup creamy peanut butter
1 cup Xylitol (or any sweetener you choose)
1 egg
1/2 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp vanilla extract

Mix the peanut butter and sugar well.  Add the egg.  Mix well.  (As the egg is added to the peanut butter mixture, it  causes the mixture to have a cookie dough texture)
Drop by rounded spoonfuls on baking sheet.  Using a fork, press the cookies down to give them that classic peanut butter cookie look.  Bake at 350º for 8-10 minutes.  Do not overcook.
Let them cool completely and then leave out for a few hours or overnight to firm up.




3 thoughts on “Sugar Free Peanut Butter Cookies and Well-Behaved Kids!

  1. Brittany, I love your blog and I’m so glad that I get to keep up with what is going on at your house! This summer, after I am retired, (yay!) I hope I will have time to try the yummy recipes.

    I justhave to saythis because I have been cracking up – I’m still wondering about that huge jar of peanut butterthat you keep in yourpanty.

    I love you!



    • Hahaha! I’m so excited that you get to retire! And your 40th wedding anniversary is coming up too, so awesome. The jar of peanut butter is the biggest I could find at the store! I was tired of running out every week. We are some peanut butter eating people around here!
      Love you!!

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