No Mess Craft and a Messy Boy!

Yesterday was a pretty low key day, it was so cold outside – wintery cold – so we didn’t get to spend much time outside. I decided to do some crafts with the kids, so after naps we loaded up to go get some supplies. Hadley said she wanted to make a butterfly, and I remembered seeing some on pinterest made with toilet paper rolls and cardstock. We got some stickers to decorate the wings, googly eyes, glitter pipe cleaners and lots of paper to play with. Since Truett can’t really do anything that requires a process, I grabbed him some paper and finger paints. I know, I actually bought finger paints. That means mess mess mess in my book. But they were being so good with having to be stuck inside, plus I checked like 20 times to make sure the paint was washable, I figured it was ok to have a little mess. kidspainting

Hadley wanted to get in on the painting too. trumessy

Truett really liked to rub the paint all over himself. Including his hair. They had so much fun!! And I was just glad I took their clothes off and that they were on the tile, haha. It kept them busy while I got dinner going, turkey brats and cabbage. After I got them clean enough to eat, we chowed down, took baths, and then made a butterfly. butterfly

She wants to make another one today and use all of her stickers, so it should be pretty cute. But these are a super great no mess craft! butterflysupplies

All you need is a toilet paper roll, some cardstock or scrapbook paper, scissors, glue, a pen, pipe cleaners and eyes. Cover the toilet paper roll with paper, then cut out some wings and glue them to the roll. Stick some eyes on there and glue in the pipe cleaners as antennas. I think it is an adorable springtime craft that we will be making over and over. We usually make birdfeeders out of our empty toilet paper rolls and paper towel rolls (by spreading them with peanut butter and rolling them in bird seed), and Hadley was concerned about how we were going to feed the birds now. So I guess I’m going to have to get an actual bird feeder. This one is less messy, and she gets to practice her scissor skills, so she is pretty happy about it.

This morning we had ballet, and I’ll tell ya, Hadley is pretty stinkin’ good. She likes to practice, listens well in class and really tries to get her positions to look just like her teacher. Next week a group of them is performing at the local minor league baseball game, and then her recital is in May. We just got their costumes in too, it is going to be insanely adorable.

Now they are napping, and I’m about to get ready for the day. I love when Brent comes home on Friday’s. Especially after two late nights of him in class after work, the kids and I are excited to spend time with him and get some fun activities in.

I hear Truett. He is in his room quacking like a duck. Just like his Daddy!! HaHa!

Happy Friday!


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