Finally Friday and Pacifier Free (Almost!)

It’s Friday!! I’m SO glad it’s Friday. My mom and her fiance will be up this afternoon, Brent is at a clay shooting tournament today (he needs to go shoot some guns and de-stress!!), Hadley has ballet this morning and then her performance at the baseball game tonight.

Yesterday was one of those days. It was going relatively well, I had my usual sense of being overwhelmed and having lots to do. So when I went to the grocery store, things were going ok. But by the end of it the kids were getting restless and Tru kept trying to climb out of the cart. So I was hurrying, and totally forgot to grab the rotisserie chicken that we were going to have for dinner. I realized it in the parking lot, as I was buckling the kids in their seats. So last night for dinner they had turkey hot dogs with Annie’s Mac ‘n Cheese, and I had leftovers and opened a can of greens, much to Hadley’s delight. Not the super nutritious dinner I had originally planned, but there was no way I was going back in the store. And yes, she does like greens. She had two helpings of them with her dinner.

This has been a rough week, mostly because Brent has been working late or had class after work every night this week. I am looking forward to finally getting to see him this weekend. I even woke up with him at 6 this morning to make his breakfast and iron his shirt for the tournament today. At least that’s what I told him, but really, I just wanted to spend some time with him. So now he’s left, and I’m on my second cup of coffee while I wait for the kids to wake up.

After ballet and a quick workout this morning, Hadley has a hair appointment – her second ever! Her last one was in December of 2011. She wants her hair long, but it is in desperate need of a trim. Then we will come home for lunch and naps, while I finish getting the house clean and get ready for the game tonight. I have to get Hadley dressed and her makeup on, which she couldn’t be more excited about. She is all girl, I tell ya. Loves doing her nails and playing with makeup. Which I sure love!!

This weekend we don’t have anything too crazy happening, just spending time with Nana and Big Daddy, running to the farmers market, and out to the lot. Church on Sunday and seeing friends in the afternoon. I’m making a Caprese Stuffed Chicken for dinner one night, so that should be delicious. And a friend of mine sent me  a bunch of new “Sinless Sweets” to try. Needless to say I am super excited.

We are on Day 5 of Truett not having his pacifier during the day. He still gets it when he is in bed, however. This is mostly so I get a full night of sleep! The mornings are a little testy, because he tries to trick us into letting him have it. But I have held strong, and he is doing just fine. When we took Hadley’s away I cut the end off and told her the dog ate it. She was pretty ok with it and it really only took one night for her to get over it. But she was also two and a half. Truett is 18 months, but he is getting this redness around his mouth that he acts like is uncomfortable, so I decided we needed to get rid of his beloved paci. After two days, it was all cleared up and back to normal. The good thing is, he will still get to keep his lovie when I finally do cut his up too. And there he is! I love how he lays in his bed saying every name he knows, and sometimes he moves on to saying all the words he knows too. It sounds like he has moved on to “He-yo! Mommy! YoHoHo!” Thank you Disney Junior, for turning my little man into a the cutest pirate ever!

Have a great weekend!


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