Weekend Recap and Caprese Stuffed Chicken

We had a really fun weekend, and I wish we had one more day!! Especially since today is the nicest day of the year we have had yet!! Friday night was Hadley’s performance at the baseball game in downtown, and it was so so adorable! I took a video on my mom’s camera, so when she emails it to me I’ll try to post a snippet.

Saturday we went out to the lot to check it out and show my mom’s fiance the house, which he hadn’t seen yet. Came home for lunch, put the kids down for naps and Brent and I went to the gym for a quick workout. When we got home we started prepping for dinner because we had invited some friends over to eat. I wanted to make a recipe I saw on Iowa Girl Eats called Caprese Stuffed Chicken. It was so easy to make a bunch of these, and they turned out delicious! Here is the link to the original recipe.

1 Tablespoon extra virgin olive oil
1 small onion, chopped
salt & pepper
2 garlic cloves, minced
6 cups baby spinach
4 chicken breasts, pounded very thin
2 vine-ripened tomatoes, sliced
4oz mozzarella cheese, sliced
1/2 cup fresh basil leaves


  1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees then line a sheet with with foil, spray with nonstick spray and then set aside.
  2. Heat oil in a large skillet over medium heat then add onion, season with salt and pepper, and then saute until translucent, 3-4 minutes. Add garlic then saute for 30 more seconds. Add spinach then cook just until wilted, 2-3 minutes. Set aside to cool slightly.
  3. Brush and season both sides of the pounded chicken breasts with extra virgin olive oil, salt, and pepper. Mound 1/4 of the spinach mixture on one end of the chicken breasts, then layer on sliced tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, and fresh basil. Drizzle with extra virgin olive oil then sprinkle with a bit more salt and pepper. Fold other end of chicken over and secure with a toothpick. Place onto prepared baking sheet then bake for 15 minutes, or until cooked all the way through.

I doubled the recipe, and it went together quickly and easily. Perfect for a large group! And who doesn’t like caprese salad? It’s delicious. I wanted to make a basalmic reduction to go over it, but totally forgot. Next time! We actually have two leftover and I was going to heat them up for dinner tonight, so maybe I’ll do it tonight.

The friends that came over made some really yummy gluten free mint brownies. I’ll be sure and get her recipe!! They were soft and chewy, I don’t know why I haven’t thought to put peppermint extract in my brownies before! I really liked it.

Sunday we went to church and then met up with some friends and tried to go to the racetrack to watch some races, but it was so crowded we headed across the street to the zoo. We caught the Sea Lion Show, which is always my favorite, and made a quick trip over to see the lions and watch the bears have lunch. It was fun, and I always love getting to spend time with my friends and their kids.

Today was back to the grind for Brent, and Hadley had school. Truett and I headed to the gym and then home for lunch, now he’s napping and I’m going to get cleaned up to pick up Miss Hadley and run a couple of errands. I started a new strength training program last week, and it lasts for 12 weeks. I’m excited about it, I think it will be easy to stick to, but the workouts are tough! Although I do feel great afterwards. It came with meal plans and grocery lists which make it really easy for me. It is Jamie Eason’s LiveFit Plan and it is free online.

How many more days til Friday?? Haha.


2 thoughts on “Weekend Recap and Caprese Stuffed Chicken

  1. The Live Fir program is great!! When you are done with it, you should look into James Wilson, Body Earned program. Many people who finish Jamie’s program go on to do that one. He is on Facebook, too. I did about 8 weeks of Live Fit when it first came out and I loved the results but it got a bit time consuming for me. Good luck!!!

    • I will definitely check that out!! So far I am loving the LiveFit workouts. I finished week two today, and Brent says he can see a difference, but I’m not sure if he’s just saying that. I definitely feel much better doing some crazy awesome strength training though.

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