Busy Days! Go Thunder!!

What a busy week it has been already! Yesterday after the gym and naps I took our dog up to the vet for his exam and yearly vaccinations. Don’t skip a year people! It is important to keep your pet healthy!! And if you need a vet in Edmond or Oklahoma City, Stoneridge Animal Hospital is the place you need to be. They have every up to date piece of equipment and an amazing staff! I might be a little biased, but I love’em!
Then I came home and started the charcoal on the grill – all by myself – for the first time.  I did it once before, but it never got going. So I was pretty proud of myself for it working! Brent grilled some steaks I ha d been marinating all day in worschestchire and onions. I also broiled some asparagus and onions and sprinkled blue cheese crumbles all over the top!


Meat and veggies is always low carb!! Plus its delicious and healthy. We ate and gave the kids baths, and after they went to bed, Brent and I got to crackin on his homework. His finals are coming up so I have been helping him get his study guides done since he has been so busy at work. I am learning more about chemistry than I ever wanted to. I promise I will never need to know 98% of that in the future.
Today I dropped Hadley off at school, I am at the gym, and after I pick her up I have to run to the city to meet Brent. Then home to play and feed the kids while he has class. And our sweet little neighbor gets to come hang out with us while her parents go to the Thunder game! A little jealous, but I will be watching every minute of it from home!

Tomorrow is going to be cold here again, which makes no sense to me and I am totally over it!! The pool in our neighborhood is never going to get warm enough to use by Memorial Day at this rate! Brent and I are also going to a jazz concert tomorrow night for his Music Appreciation class. Pretty sure we will have to hit up Vin Dolce on our way home!

Day 10 of LiveFit – which means its a legs day!

Go Thunder!! Are you rooting for any of the NBA teams in the playoffs?


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