Healthy Kids and Cauliflower Tacos!!

It is so nice to have my little man healthy again! Last week was so rough, I spent every minute that he wasn’t attached to me either sleeping or cleaning/disinfecting the house. He had a little fever starting last Monday, and didn’t sleep well at all that night, which is not like him. Tuesday was spent with him being really whiny and clingy and we didnt go to the gym because he still had a fever. In fact, I didn’t make it to the gym all week last week. Truett was awake for hours every night crying and rolling around trying to get comfortable. I took him to the pediatrician on Wednesday (after his fever got up to 104.5 on Tuesday night) and discovered he had strep and an ear infection. Yuck. We started antiobiotics and he felt awful until about Friday, and Saturday night he finally stayed in his bed and slept all night. It was the best Mother’s Day present I could have gotten after a week of hardly any sleep!! I scrubbed the house and washed all the bedding, and thankfully no one else has gotten sick. That is a miracle, I must say.

Of course it was also a week where Brent had jury duty every day, and could not be late or take a day off to help me like he normally could. A guy was even arrested and held in contempt for being late twice! Needless to say Brent was always early. It was just a crazy week, and I kept hoping we would make it to Texas for Mother’s Day and a baby shower, but we decided late Friday night that it would be best to just stay here, and plan another trip for a long weekend.

Since we were home I needed to get dinner made, so I whipped up tacos for dinner. I really wanted to try the cauliflower soft taco recipe that my cousin had shared with me, so I did that too. I was very very surprised at how easy it was, and how great they tasted! Not like cauliflower at all. This coming from a person who makes homemade tortillas (or used too) and the cauliflower pizza crust. These were so easy! I will probably alter my crust recipe and/or make it small like these to make little personal pizzas with all different toppings. Here is the original recipe that I used and it made about 6 decent sized tortillas.


They held together just as good as my homemade flour tortillas, and better than store bought. I will definitely be making these from now on for mexican food! Brent liked them too!


We also were lucky enough to have a friend of a friend looking to get rid of a train table, and we got it!


Truett was SO excited! He has barely left the table since then.

Saturday was our neighbor’s little boy’s first birthday, golf themed, and it was adorable. The kids had a great time and after their naps they went back across the street for dinner and some playtime while Brent and I had a much needed night out. I love that we can trade off babysitting with our neighbors. Our kids love each other! And we are all transplants here with no family nearby, so we have taken up that role for each other.

Mother’s Day was great too, we went to church and then out to the new house which is coming together! All of the exterior plywood is up so we could walk through and see the rooms and all that. I plan on going back out today to see what else is done. After the kids took naps we went shopping, and I got some great new summer clothes! Much needed, as nothing from last year fits very well. I am in the single digits in pants, and everything else is a small, so thats pretty amazing. Then we went to my very favorite restaurant for dinner, Flatire! Yes, a burger place, but they have a pretty insane salad and it is just a great place to go. I have a feeling we will go again this weekend when our family is in town. It topped off a pretty great weekend, and I am one lucky girl!

This week is Hadley’s last week of school, Brent has finals, and on Friday my mom, Brent’s mom and his aunt are all coming in town to visit for Hadley’s ballet recital on Sunday! It is going to be the cutest thing ever!!

Back at the gym this week too, yesterday was legs and man my hamstrings are sore today!! Looking forward to my workout today!

Does your life come to a screaching halt when you have a sick kid?

Do you havr neighbors/friends you trade babysitting with?


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