School’s Out For the Summer!

You just sang that title, didn’t you?

Wednesday was Hadley’s last day of preschool. I suppose bittersweet is a good word to use for it, I am just so in love with the age she is at right now. My mom always told me I would love every age even more than the last, and it is hard to imagine, but so far it has been true. Truett as well, he is so much fun right now, and hilarious! Either way, I’m not ready for her to keep growing up. Not ready for pre-k, or a 4th birthday party… So for summer we will just live it up!

I also got to go have my car checked out from that ridiculous hail storm a few weeks ago. It did make some fantastic dents all over my sweet little Saab, so Wednesday after the gym I was feeding Truett all kinds of goodies to keep him composed while he should be napping. He is super shy around strangers at the moment (even though they did give him a State Farm Neigh Bear), so he wouldn’t talk at all while the guy was walking around my car inspecting every square inch. I especially liked hearing about the baseball sized dent in the roof, that stretched the metal and would need a little extra work. Basically, my car was pummled.

The other night, for whatever reason, Brent was craving Green Chile Stew. I was not prepared to make that but I did have some ground turkey thawed, so I whipped up a yummy version of it. Ground turkey, onions, garlic, carrots, celery, okra, and tomatoes. Normally okra would not even be in Green Chile Stew, especially since Brent didn’t even know what okra was until we started dating. Isn’t that crazy? He loves it now, and I really think it works in the stew. I added lots of different seasonings and of course, I made cauliflower tacos. I changed it up a little this time and cut out one of the eggs, as well as added in some taco seasoning. They tasted great! Let me tell you that I was fully expecting both kids to not eat the stew. Hadley has a weird thing about textures, besides hating carrots, and Truett, well, he just does whatever she does. So I had some yummy turkey hot dogs waiting to be cooked, just in case. Instead, they both had two bowlfuls and a tortilla each! I was shocked. Brent also refilled his bowl once (or twice), and I thought it was good too. But it was the first time either one of them really ate it. And Hadley all of the sudden kept telling my that carrots were her favorite. Um, what? Needless to say, I was pretty proud of myself! And there is just enough left for maybe one bowl for lunch today.

All of Brent’s classes were over as of yesterday (Thank the Lord!) which means he has a little break before summer classes start. This guy means business. This morning we are going to ballet and the gym before grabbing a few things at our local Sprouts for the weekend. My mom is driving up after work, and Brent’s mom and Aunt are flying in later tonight, as well as his sister coming in tomorrow. Hadley’s ballet recital is Sunday afternoon, and no one wants to miss it! It is going to be stinkin adorable, I’m sure. It will be a busy weekend but a fun one to be sure.

Was there a food that your kids would never eat, and then all the sudden loved one day?


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