Healing in the Heartland

I am really missing this outlet of writing, but it seems like lately I am having a hard time even finding a few minutes to post. We spent Memorial Day weekend in Dallas having a nice long weekend with family. We came home to have a cookout with our neighbors and relax.

Last night Brent and I met up with 6 of our friends and headed out to the Healing In The Heartland relief concert. I was so excited to see so many of my favorite country artists performing to raise money to help everyone affected by the recent tornadoes. While we were sitting there, one of the guys starting talking to the man next to him, and he was showing him pictures of how their house was destroyed in Moore. He also told him that the people next to them lost a child in the elementary school. We hear it on the news and at church, but actually talking to people who lost everything makes it so real. I just can’t comprehend what either family is going through. But I know that there was a lot of money raised to help rebuild, and that is a start.

Blake Shelton was an amazing host, and when Miranda Lambert broke down during her performance (which just happens to be one of my all time favorite songs), I lost it. I think everyone was tearing up. Surprisingly one of my favorites was Ryan Tedder, from One Republic, he did great! Vince Gil’s song was pretty sweet too. After the one hour tv show ended, Blake Shelton and Usher brought out their Voice teams and sang a fantastic version of Play Something Country! That got the party started, because most of the artists came back out to do a song or two more. Usher, Reba, Miranda, and Darius Rucker were so much fun. But Luke Bryan probably had the best time on stage, and I love some Luke Bryan. Blake Shelton played his music between the others, and when the show ended the standing ovation continued until Blake came back out. He said they hadn’t planned on doing an encore, and it was the first time he had ever not planned one and had the crowd demand one. It was awesome! They played Brent’s favorite song, ‘Ol Red. The audience went crazy and finally let him leave the stage after that.

Definitely one of the best concerts I have ever been to. Blake Shelton is hilarious, and so genuine. We got home around midnight and crashed into bed.

Today’s workout is legs… and many of them to failure. So hard!! Im cooling down on the treadmill, and then home for lunch with the kiddos. I am on week 5 of Jamie Eason’s LiveFit. I will tell you it ia not getting easier, but I have lost inches all over! And this week I upped my weights by 10-15 pounds, and I was pretty proud of myself!!


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