Personal Pizzas and Fish Tacos

Now that its summer and Hadley is out of school, I feel busier than ever! And she is only 3! I do have her signed up for a few activities each week, and maybe its also because I am preparing for trips, weddings, and birthdays! This weekend is our neighborhood cookout down at the pool and clubhouse. Our street is on dessert, so I am making the Birthday Cake Rice Krispie Treats, since that is what Brent requested. He also said I needed to make a practice batch, which I did and half are gone already!

We are planning on spending the 4th of July at my brother’s house just outside of Fort Worth. During that trip we are hoping to get to see some friends who recently moved down there, as well as attend another friends wedding.

So far the new house is still moving right along, they were working on the HVAC yesterday and getting all the low voltage electricity installed next.

The other night for dinner we had fish tacos, so I made the cauliflower tortillas.


It was a large batch because I wanted to have some left to make personal pizzas as an alternative to the regular cauliflower pizza crust that I usually make. The tacos are much drier and more pliable, where as the pizza crust recipe is usually eaten with a fork. Dont get me wrong, its delicious. But I thought this might be more appealing
to my kids, which it was because they could eat it with their hands. Truett ate an entire pizza by himself, and then a bowl of macaroni with spaghetti sauce. And he is only 19 months! What am I going to do when he is a teenager!?!?


These weren’t very big, maybe 8 inches across. Low cal and almost no carbs! Plus lots pf protein from the eggs, cheese, and pepperoni. And top them however you like!

Hadley has another swim lesson today, she is loving it! She also had her first dentist appointment the other morrning and did fantastic. No cavities and she is already asking when she gets to go back!


Have a great Thursday!!


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