Italian Stuffed Chicken

I pretty much love anything stuffed. Stuffed animals, stuffed mushrooms, stuffing at Thanksgiving, etc. And I love meat stuffed with other things. Keeps it so moist and makes it so much more flavorful! Without really having to work very hard.

I saw the original recipe here – at Maestro Recipes. It was a little vague but allows for you to personalize it to your liking. I found a jar of chopped kalamata olives, Brent’s favorite, and used them for the stuffing.

Here is my recipe, and you can easily alter it to your preferences.

4 Boneless Chicken Breasts
1-2 Tbsp of Chopped olives or tapenade
2 Tbsp of Sundried tomatoes (optional)
Minced Garlic or Garlic Powder
Italian Seasoning
4 ounces of cream cheese, softened
2 tomatoes (thinly sliced)
Salt and Pepper
Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Mix the olives, sundried tomatoes, and whatever else you choose into the softened cream cheese. Add some garlic or garlic powder to your liking, and Italian seasoning. Mx well and set aside.

Preheat the oven to 425. Take the chicken and cut a slit down one of the long sides to make a pocket. Put a quarter of the mixture into the chicken. Stuff all the breasts, then salt and pepper the tops. Lay the tomato slices across the top and drizzle some EVOO over them right before popping it in the oven. Bake for 25-30 minutes (depending on how thick the chicken breasts are).
Each Stuffed Chicken Breast has about 5 carbs.

I roasted some broccoli to have with it, and made a cheese sauce to make it a little more appealing for the kids.

Cheese Sauce
2 Tbsp Butter
2 Tbsp Heavy Cream
3 Tbsp water
4 ounces cheese (I used mozzarella for broccoli, but any cheese you like is fine!)
1/2 tsp Salt

Melt the butter in a saucepan, then add the heavy cream and water. Whisk to mix and then add in the cheese. Sliced, cubed, or shredded all melts the same. Whisk until melted and add a Tbsp of water at a time to get the consistency you prefer. Per quarter cup, this has 1 carb per serving.

Everyone ate ALL of their dinner, including Truett who also at about half of my leftovers for lunch today. Hadley even ate her broccoli, and Truett ate some of his. I was actually proud that he just put it in his mouth! The fact that he chewed and swallowed a couple of pieces was amazing. He is in a no vegetable phase at the moment, unless I hide it or disguise it as something else (Pepperoni Pizza Casserole).

Today we are going to the gym, a play date, lunch, and then home for naps while I finish the cake topper for Hadley’s birthday cake. Then maybe a little pool time if I can swing it before having to start on tonight’s dinner, Chile Relleno Casserole!!

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