Portobello Pizzas

If you have kids, know kids, or a man of any sort, I’m sure you see a lot of Pizza go by. My kids love Pizza, and my husband really loves pizza. I haven’t tried making my own crust yet, other than with cauliflower, and I have an almond flour crust recipe I need to try. But usually I just get a thin crust pizza dough, and then let the kids do their own toppings. So the other night I also had some big Portobello mushroom caps, which I used for my “crust”. I don’t love pizza as much as my family, it just isn’t my thing. But – I will eat these all day long.


I put some of my homemade marinara in the bottom (remember I make a big batch, and I still have enough for lasagna tomorrow), then loaded it up with fresh spinach and kalamata olives. 5 little pearls of wet mozzarella and some fresh basil. Bake it until the cheese is bubbly. Let me tell you, it was way better than regular pizza, and I saved probably a hundred or more calories per piece (and yes, I did eat all three – don’t judge me). When I told Brent he said he would try it next time, which is amazing, as usually nothing substitutes from his pizza. But it is just like my kids – if you give it to them enough, and make them taste it enough, they start to prefer the healthier option. On a daily basis both kids ask for broccoli, one of my oldest’s favorite sides is grilled asparagus, and my husband has come a looong way since we met. We both have. Just try new things, and keep trying them, you will see results in your health and your taste buds as time goes on.

It has taken me many years to get where I am, and I still have work to do. When I first started on my journey to being healthy, I really set a one year goal. I wanted to lose a hundred pounds in a year. Life and kids extended my goal, and now I realize it doesn’t matter how long it takes to get there, and even when I did hit the 100 pound loss mark, I wanted to keep going because it wasn’t about the weight anymore. It was about being the absolute healthiest I could be. So here I am, years after changing my lifestyle, still learning and changing, and making progress. There wasn’t a magic pill, there wasn’t a machine or special food that could make it work or go faster. All I could do was work as hard as I could and do my best to eat better than I did. That’s the secret, work hard! Don’t work hard for a week and give up, it takes a long time. And the longer it takes, the more likely you are to keep it off. I lost a large amount of weight quickly once, and gained it all right back and then some, because I didn’t learn anything about eating right or actual nutrition.


I have some other pictures of me, even bigger than that that I will find. It will work! Keep trying!! Whether you are trying to lose weight or just stop eating poorly, do it. It’s that easy, just make a decision and stick to it.

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